Welcome to the Studioware 2.0 Support Center

Studioware 2.0 is the newest version of our Online-Class Management software.  It is located at www.Studioware2.com   Studioware 2.0 will contain all of the same features as the previous version, and include many additional features.
We do not have plans to automatically migrate you to Studioware 2.0.  You can choose to migrate to Studioware 2.0 at your convenience.  Studioware 2.0 is a separate application from the previous version.  Therefore, if you would like to use Studioware 2.0, you would need to create a new account and import your student data [Learn More].

We are NOT shutting down the previous version of Studioware: www.Studioware-Online.com

You can continue to use the previous version of Studioware for as long as you like.  You will not be forced to move to Studioware 2.0.  However, there will be no new enhancements to Studioware 1.0, and any issues found in Studioware 1.0 will only be fixed in Studioware 2.0.  Also note, we have provided support contact information (phone numbers, Skype), and can only be used to support Studioware 2.0.  We strongly encourage you to migrate to Studioware 2.0.  Learn More: Migrating to Studioware 2.0
This Studioware 2.0 Support Center will allow you to:
  • Search the Knowledge Base to find answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Vote and add feedback to Knowledge Base Articles.  Your feedback is important to us and it helps us make changes to the article's content.
  • See the latest Studioware 2.0 News.  This will display important changes/enhancements that are planned for Studioware.
  • Open Support Tickets for any problems/questions you have with Studioware 2.0
  • View the status and response to your current support tickets.   Registration is required to open and view your support tickets.
  • Interact with the Studioware 2.0 Community.  The Community allows you to ask questions to other Studioware 2.0 users to learn about best practices and implementation ideas.

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