Welcome to the Studioware 2.0 Community!
Idea shared by Studioware Support - May 22, 2016 at 1:23 PM
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Welcome to the Studioware 2.0 Community! 
This area of the Support Center is where members will be able to interact with each other about various topics related to Studioware 2.0. We hope to facilitate idea exchange related to Studioware 2.0 best practices, implementation, integration, usage, and more.
Based on the rules set up by the Community Manager, members will be able to post new threads, reply to threads and even comment directly on individual posts. Members will also be able to indicate whether or not they agree with what the author has to say by casting an up or down vote on each thread and post.
We included the ability to add tags and categories to each thread to provide an easy method for finding posts on a particular topic. When creating a thread, the author may add their own new tags to the system, choose from existing tags that are displayed while they are typing, or choose from a category tag that is always displayed in the tag area while creating a new thread.
Thank you,
Studioware Support Team
Studioware 2.0 Support Team

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