Password for manually added students
Question asked by Brian Smale - October 8, 2018 at 12:55 AM
When I add a student myself (as opposed to the parent creating an account and adding a student on the parent portal).  How does the parent log in?  Do they enter their email and click 'forgot password'?  or...?
Brian Smale
Early Masters LLC   
Brian Smale
Early Masters LLC

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Studioware Support Replied
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Hello Brian,
When a parent accesses the Parent Portal, they enter their email address.  Studioware then searches for the email address that was entered.  If a matching email address is found (and the parent has never logged on the parent portal), Studioware randomly generates a temporary password and emails it to the parent.  If no matching email address is found, Studioware allows the parent to register on the Parent Portal.
When you manually create a new student in Studioware, it's important to enter in email address for the student/parent if you have one available.
Thanks, Studioware Support.
Studioware 2.0 Support Team

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