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Idea shared by Studioware Support - August 8, 2016 at 7:44 PM
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Studioware Reports can be downloaded as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  If you don't have Microsoft Excel, there are a couple of free alternatives that can open Excel spreadsheets:
  • WPS Office, Website  This office application is compatible with Mac/IOS and Windows computers.  According to the web site, this application is 100% compatible with Microsoft office.
  • Free Office, Website  According to the Free Office website, the software can read and write Excel spreadsheets.  There does not appear to be a version for Mac/IOS computers.
  • Libre Office, Website  This is a free office application that is available for Windows and Macs.  The spreadsheet application is called "Calc" and can read and write Excel spreadsheets
If you are using any of these free office application, please let us know in this community you experience with the applications.
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