Drop-In Classes

Many times you will offer a class, and students do not need to enroll into the entire class.  Instead, students may be interested in attending specific class dates.  Typically, this is seen with fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, aerial, or zumba classes.
Studioware allows you to designate a class a a "Drop-In" class, allowing students to attend individual class dates.
Please follow these instructions to create a Drop-In class:
  1. Click on Classes | Add Class | Create Class
  2. Enter in the class required fields, and select "Drop-In Class" as the Class Type 
  3. Click on "Save the Class"
  4. Enter in the amount for an individual class: 
  5. Click on "Save the Tuition"
  6. Enter in the class start date/time, stop date, capacity, length (minutes), and instructors.  Click on the "Save" button to save the scheduled class date
  7. The Drop-In class has been successfully created: 

Drop-In Class Enrollment

Student's can enroll in Drop-In class using the Business Portal, or your staff members can enroll the students into the classes.  To enroll a student in a class, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Classes in the main menu
  2. Click on the "Enroll" button next to the Drop-In class
  3. Select the appropriate class date if the drop in class has been scheduled more than one:
  4. Select one or more class dates, and enter in the last name of one or more students to enroll in the selected class dates:  
  5. Click on the "Save Enrollment" button.   The status of each enrollment will be displayed: 

Viewing Class Dates and Enrollment

You can easily view, edit, and delete individual class dates, and manipulate the enrollment.  To get started, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Classes in the main menu
  2. Click on a class name to see all the schedule class dates.
  3. To view the enrollment for a scheduled class, click on "View Enrollment" next to the scheduled class:
  4. The list of class dates will be displayed:
  5. Click on the [+] button next to each class date to expand and show the enrollment for that date.
  6. Using the above "View Enrollment" web page, you can perform the following actions:
    • Add Date: Add a new class date to the drop in class
    • Adjust Dates:  Set a new date, time, or class length for one or more classes
    • Delete Dates: Delete one or more class dates
    • Set Teachers:  Adjust the teachers assigned to select class dates
    • Drop Students:  Drop selected students from class dates
    • Attendance: Take class Attendance
    • Enroll:  Enroll one or more students in the selected class date
    • Re-Enroll:  Enroll the students from one class date into another class date

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