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There are multiple ways in Studioware to find enrolled students.  You can conveniently select all enrolled students if you need to send an email, for example. 
The Executive Dash board displays many statistics, including the number of enrolled students (and the percentage of students enrolled in class):
In the example above, there are 24 students that are enrolled in 1 or more classes (which represents 62% of the student population).  The total class enrollment for the business is 29, meaning that some of the 24 students have enrolled in more than 1 class.
Here are the ways to find enrolled students:

Students Filter

The easiest way to find all enrolled students is to use the student filtering in the student grid:
  1. Click on "Students" in the main menu
  2. Select "Filter" and select "Enrolled Students":
  3. Indicate if you want to filter your student grid to show the list of students that are enrolled in classes, or students that are not enrolled in classes.  Click on the "Filter Students" button:
  4. The list of students matching your selected filter will be displayed
  5. The "footer" at the bottom of the student grid, will show you the filter you currently have applied, and the count of students that match that filter.  For example, here are the 24 students that are enrolled in classes.  
  6. To remove the filter, simply click on the X next to the filter (or navigate to a new page).
    Please Note: Studioware only allows you to apply 1 filter at a time.
Studioware allows you to easily perform an action on all filtered students.  For example, suppose you need to send an email to all enrolled students to inform them of an unexpected closing due to bad weather.  Perhaps you would like to send a marketing email to all students that are not current enrolled.
To send an email (or text - coming soon) to all enrolled students, follow these instructions:
  1. Filter the student grid as described above to show enrolled students.
  2. Select "All Students" in the number of students per page.  This can be found in the footer of the grid:
  3. Select all students by clicking on the checkbox in the header: 
  4. Select the action you would like to perform on the selected students.  For example, we can send an email to all enrolled students:

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