Google Calendar

You can conveniently display your class schedule on a Google Calendar.  In fact, any calendar that supports the iCal format can be integrated with Studioware classes.  The calendar will display the class name, class description, start and stop date/times, instructions, and a link to the Business Portal for students to enroll in the class.
Google Calendars can easily be integrated into your web site, or any existing web page.  For example, here is a Google Calendar integrated directly into this Studioware Help Article:

Calendar Feed Link

The first step in integrating your classes into Google Calendar is deciding what classes to integrate.  Studioware contains a hidden link on the Business Portal called the "Calendar Feed" that can be added to Google Calendar.  You can configure the Calendar Link feed to display all classes, classes at a specific location, or specific classes.

All Classes

The Calendar Feed for all classes is obtained by adding "/CalendarFeed" on the end of your Business Portal address.  Specifically, the all classes Calendar Feed can be obtained by following these steps:
  1. Logon to Studioware and click on Administration
  2. Click on "Business Portal".  Your Business Portal addresses will be displayed.  Please note, there will be multiple business portal addresses:  A "main" business portal address, and a separate business portal address for each location. 
  3. The calendar feed for all classes is the Business Portal web address with "CalenderFeed" appended to the end.  For example, the calendar feed for all classes at "ABC Dance Studio" is
  4. The calendar feed for all classes at the "MainStreet" location is    This can be used for creating a separate calendar for each location.
Please note: Private classes are not included in the Google Calendar; Only Group and Drop-In classes

Specific Classes

If you only want to include specific classes on the Google Calendar, simply add "?Id=#,#,#" onto the Calendar Feed link above, where the # is the class id to include in the calendar.  Multiple class ids can be included in a comma separated list.  When you click on a class to view it's class schedule, or tuition for example, the class id is available in the web address/URL.  For example, the id for this class is 795, and can be included in the Calendar Feed link:
Therefore, the Calendar Fee link for this one class would be:
If you wanted to include 2 classes in the Calendar Feed link, the link would look like this:,796
Please contact Studioware support if you need help with your Calendar Feed Link

Integrating with Google Calendar

To add your calendar feed to Google Calendar, follow these steps:
  1. Log onto your Google Calendar
  2. Click on the plus sign [+] next to "Add a friend's calendar" and select "From URL": 
  3. Paste in the URL of your Studioware Calendar Feed from the section above: 
    Please note: You can have more than one Google Calendar.  For example, if you have multiple locations offereing different classes, you can use a different Studioware Calendar Feed on different Google Calendars.
  4. Click on "Add Calendar" and the Studioware Calendar Feed will be added to your Google Calendar

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