Private Classes on the Business Portal

Private classes will display on the Business Portal if you set "Online Enrollment?" to true for a private class, however, students cannot enroll in private classes on the business portal.  A student/parent must contact the business if they wish to enroll in a private class.  It is beneficial to expose a private class on the Business Portal to describe the details of the class to your students and parents.
Here are the steps to create a private class, and expose the private class on the Business Portal:
  1. Click on "Classes" on the main menu, and "Add Class" on the toolbar
  2. Click on "Create a Class":  
  3. Enter in the name of the class, and select "Private Instruction" as the class type:  
  4. Enter in a brief description of the class.  This description will be displayed on the Business Portal when a student/parent views a list of offered classes.  Optionally, enter in the minimum and maximum age range for the class, and select "Online Enrollment?" to expose the class on the Business Portal:  
  5. Click on the "Advanced Class Options" to expose additional class setting
  6. Select a class picture to be included on the class list in the Business Portal:   
  7. When a student/parent clicks on a class in the business portal, the class details are displayed.  The class details are maintained in the "Class Full Description" field.  Group classes will contain the class schedule, however, private classes will not contain the class schedule since it's customized for each enrolled student.  Therefore, in the class full description, we recommend that you include text indicating that students/parents should contact the studio to schedule their private class:  
  8. Click on "Save.." to save the newly created private class.

Business Portal

Private class will appear in the "List of Classes" and the "Search" results:
Additionally, when a student/parent clicks on the "Lean More" button next to a private class, the "Class Full Description" is displayed.  Please note, the class schedules are not displayed for private classes:

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