Adding Merge Fields in Invoices

Studioware allows you to add Student and Invoice Merge Fields in the Invoice Terms and Notes.  Recall that Merge Fields are field placeholders that you can add to an email; but now they can be added to an invoice too.
For example, suppose you wanted to add a list of a student/family classes on the bottom of an invoice.  You can now add the {Student.ActiveClassesList} in the Invoice Terms.  To get started, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on "Administration"
  2. Select "Global Settings"
  3. Search the Global Settings for "Term"
  4. Edit the "Invoice Term" setting.
  5. In the value of the global setting, enter in the Merge Fields you wish to include in the invoice terms, for example, {Student.ActiveClassesList}:  
    Please note:
    • You can use the pipe character | in the invoice note or terms to force a line break in the text.
    • You can use the tilda ~ to force an indent in the text.
  6. After you have saved the Global Settng, create the invoice for a single student, or invoices for all students using the Batch Invoices.
  7. Studioware will replace the Merge Field on the invoices with each student's information.  For example, the student's active class list appears as follows:

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