Sending Emails with Studioware's Email Server


Studioware allows you to send emails to your students, student contacts, or staff using our Email Server.  The main advantage of using the Studioware email server is there is nothing to configure.  You simply send emails to your students, student contacts, and staff immediately.  Since we are using our own email server, we can track all aspects of the email:
  • The list of all the students, student contacts, and staff members that received the email.
  • The status of the delivery. That is, if the email was delivered, or bounced because of a bad email address, the recipient's email account space if full, or the recipient has "Out of Office" turned on.
  • We can determine if the recipient opened the email, or it remained unopened.
  • We can track any of the links within the email that the recipient clicked on.
  • When you use Studioware's email server, there is a report list all the email addresses that received the email, the delivery status, and click details for each email address.
If the recipient clicks on "reply" on any email sent from Studioware's email server, the response will come to your business email address, and not back to the Studioware's email server.  The email address that appears in the "From" section of the email will have your Studio/Business name, along with "".
Please note there is a quota to the number of emails you can send per month,.  Each Studioware package has a different email quota.  For example, the "Large" Studioware plan allows for 15,000 emails per month.  


There is nothing to configure to start sending emails using Studioware's Email Server.  However, if you previous configured Studioware to use your own email settings, you must remove these settings by following these instructions:
  1. Click on "Administration"
  2. Click on Manage on "Email Providers": 
  3. Click on the "Your Business Email" tab:
  4. Select all the email configurations.
  5. Click on the "Delete" button to remove them.
  6. Now that you have removed all your email configurations, you will automatically be using Studioware's Email Server

Status Report:

When you use Studioware's Email Server to send emails, a status report is produced for each batch you send:

Studioware tells you the number of emails you can send per month (monthly quota), and the number of emails you already sent in the month.  For example, in the screen shot above, there is a monthly quota of 600 emails, and 6 email have already been sent.
Next to each batch there is a "Details" link, which shows the batch status report:
There are 3 sections to the email status report:
  1. Batch Letter Statistics: This contains the sending statistics related to the selected batch.  In the example above, there was 1 recipient selected for the email
  2. Email Results: This shows you a pie-chart of the delivery status.  In the example above, there was 1 student recipient, which resulted in 3 emails being sent (the batch was configured to send to the student, and all the student's contacts).  1 email was successfully delivered, and 2 emails were successfully delivered and opened by the recipients.
  3. Email Recipients:  The list of all the recipients of the email, the status of the email, and the number of links clicked in the email.  To see the links the recipients clicked on, select the link icon: 

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