Transact Details API

Studioware has the ability to obtain detailed information on Transactions in your Authorize.Net account.  Please note, Studioware is only aware of transactions that were initiated from our services.  If there are other transactions in your Authorize.Net account that were not facilitated by Studioware, we are unaware of those transactions.
To allow Studioware to see detailed transaction information, it must be enabled in in Authorize.Net.  To enable the transaction details, follow these steps:
  1. Logon to your Authorize.Net account.
  2. Click on Account | Settings:
  3. Within the "Security Settings" section, click on the "Transaction Details API" 
  4. Within Authorize.Net, enter in your "Secret Answer", and click on the "Enable Transaction Details API" button:
  5. Studioware will now be able to display detailed information about Authorize.Net transactions that it has coordinated.

    For example, if you click on "View" next to a Authorize.Net transaction within Studioware

    Studioware will be able to obtain many transaction details from Authorize.Net:


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