Collecting Student/Family Credit Cards

Studioware 2.0 has the ability to collect and save your customer's Credit Cards, if you have configured Authorize.Net integration.  Studioware will also let you charge the Credit Card to collect payments for goods and services.
Please note:
  • These options are only available if you have configured Studioware to use your Authorize.Net account.
  • Studioware does not actually save the Credit Card.  Authorize.Net saves the Credit Card and sends back a "Customer Profile Id" and "Payment Profile Id" back to Studioware.  Studioware only saves these ids.
To get started collecting your customer Credit Cards, please follow these instructions:
  1. Complete the steps to integrate Studioware with your Authorize.Net account.  More information on competing this step can be found in the "Related Articles" section below
  2. Click on Administration | Business Portal | General Settings
  3. Next, click on "Portal eCommerce Settings"
  4. Indicate if you want to collect a Credit Card on your Business Portal from your customers by selecting the appropriate option under "Collect Credit Card on Registration". The available options are:
    • No, do not collect a Credit Card - This is the default option.
    • Yes, collect a Credit Card and it's required
    • Yes, collect a Credit Card (but it's not required)
  5. If you decide to collect a Credit Card on the Business Portal, enter in any additional text you want displayed to your customers in "Credit Card Additional Information":
  6. Click on the "Save" button:  

New Registration

When a new student registers on your Business Portal, and you have opted to collect a Credit Card, the Registration Page will appear as follows:
Notice at the bottom of the Registration Page, a section to collect a Credit Card is displayed:
Students/Families can enter in their Credit Card information and Save their Registration.

Managing Credit Cards

When a student/family accesses the Business Portal page, and navigates to the Account Overview page, a new "My Saved Credit Cards" link is displayed.  This link will not be displayed if you selected "No, do not collect a Credit Card".  Not collecting a Credit Card is the default behavior. That is, you must explicitly indicate that you want to collect a Credit Card in order for the "My Saved Credit Cards" link to appear.
After clicking on the "My Saved Credit Cards", your customers have the ability to add, remove, or update any saved Credit Cards:
Within Studioware, users with security will also have the ability to add, edit, and view Credit Card information (however, most of this functionality is currently under development):


Remember, Studioware does not save the Credit Card information.  We do not have the credit card number, or the security code from the back of the card.  Authorize.Net saves this sensitive information and removes the liability of saving a Credit Card.  Furthermore, Authorize.Net does not make that information available to Studioware.  It is impossible for Studioware to get the full Credit Card details.
Authorize.Net does provide a way for Studioware to get the last 4 digits of a Credit Card number, the expiration date, and the billing/shipping address.

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