Charging Student/Family Credit Cards

Studioware allows you to collect and save your customer's Credit Cards, if you have an Authorize.Net account and have integrated Studioware with Authorize.Net.  See the related articles for more information on configuring Studioware to collect Credit Cards.
Studioware allows you to charge a saved credit card for goods and services that you have provided.  This will save you the step of collecting payments from your customers.
The process of charging a saved Credit Card has been integrated within the Accounting functionality of Studioware.  Simply add a "Payment" transaction to a student's financial account, indicate you would like to charge a saved credit card, and Studioware will charge the Credit Card and create the "Payment" transaction on the student's financial account if the Credit Card change is successful.
Studioware simply facilitates the Credit Card transaction between your customer and your business.  This is accomplished by Studioware invoking a "charge" request in Authorize.Net for a saved credit card (Customer Profile Id and Payment Profile Id).  If the Authorize.Net charge is successful, the transaction is added to your Authorize.Net account for later settlement, and the "payment" transaction is added to the student's financial account.  That is, the funds collected from your customer's credit cards is directly added to your Authorize.Net account.
To charge a saved Credit Card, follow these instructions:
  1. Open a student that has a saved credit card.  You can find all students that have a saved credit card, by applying a "Financial Filter: Student has a saved Credit Card" on the student grid.  See the related article for more information.
  2. With the student's financial account open, click on Transactions | Add Transaction: 
  3. Select the transaction type "Payment"
  4. If the selected student/family has a saved credit card, a drop down list of saved Credit Cards appears under "Please indicate if you would like to charge a saved Credit Card the transaction amount".
  5. Select a saved credit card from the drop list.
  6. Enter in the transaction amount, and transaction note
  7. Click on the "Save" button.  Studioware will contact Authorize.Net and perform the charge on the Credit Card.  If the Credit Card authorize and capture is successful, the payment transaction will be record in Studioware
  8. The saved transaction will be displayed on the Student's financial account, along with the transaction id from Authorize.Net 

Important Notes

  • Administrator have full access to the system and can perform the credit card charges.  If you have a user that is not an administrator, and you want to grant/revoke their access to charge a credit card, there is a security setting: 
  • Payment transactions that charge a saved Credit Card cannot be deleted.  The transaction can only be viewed, or Refunded (See the green rectangle above that illustrates the actions on a charged Credit Card)
  • If you log onto your Authorize.Net account, you will be able to see the transaction.  Typically, credit card transactions in Authorize.Net are "Unsettled Transaction", are are settled/captured once a day in batch
  • Charging a saved Credit Card is also available if you perform a "Payment (Invoice)" transaction within Studioware
  • If you create a "Purchase" transaction in Studioware because a student purchased merchandise for example, you have the option of completing the "Purchase" transaction, and a "Payment" transaction at the same time:

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