Class Brief and Full Descriptions

Studioware allows you to enter in a brief and full description of a class.  The class descriptions are important if a class is exposed on the Business Portal for Online Enrollment.  The brief description is displayed when your students/parents are browsing through your class offerings.  The Full Description is displayed when a student/parent clicks to see the class details. 
Both the Brief and Full Descriptions of a class are available by clicking on "Classes" in the mail menu, and select "Edit Class" in the Action drop-down, and then selecting "Advanced Class Options":

Brief Description:

The brief description of a class allows you to enter a couple of sentences describing the class at a high level.  This description is displayed to your students/parents when they are browsing your class offerings on the business portal:
Please note, it is possible to add some HTML in the brief description, however, you would need to manually enter in the HTML tags yourself.  For example, you could create a bullet list in the brief description by using the <UL> HTML tags.  We do not advise adding images in the brief description, since you can already add a class image (See the reference articles for more information).

Full Description

The full class description is displayed to your students/parents when they click on a class to see the details and class schedule.  The editor for the full class description appears as follows:
Studioware contains an editor that allows you to enter a full description of the class.  Additionally, there are 2 pre-defined templates that can be used:
  1. Set Template 1:   This template contains a place holder for one large image, and a description of the class.
  2. Set Template 2: This template contains a place holder for one large image, a description of the class, and 4 smaller images.
Studioware automatically adds the list of all scheduled classes below the class full descriptions.

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