Batch Credit Card Transactions

Studioware allows you to easily charge multiple credit cards.  This feature is known as Batch Transactions.  Simply create a "payment" Batch Transaction and indicate you want to charge saved credit cards.
Please Note:
  1. Batch Credit Card payment transactions is only available for certain eCommerce Providers.  See the Related articles for more information.
  2. The Studioware users creating the Credit Card batch transaction must be an Administrator, or have Accounting."Charge Credit Card" security.
To get started charging credit cards for multiple students, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on "Students" in the main menu
  2. Filter the student list to only those students that have a credit card.  See the "Filtering Students" related article.
  3. Select one more students that will have their saved credit card charged.   
  4. Click on Actions | Transaction
  5. Change the "Transaction Type" to payment 
  6. Select "Charge a Credit Card for the payment amount if a saved Credit Card exists". 
    • When this option is selected, Studioware will attempt to charge the saved Credit Card before adding the "payment" transaction to the student's financial account.  The "payment" transaction will only be added to the student's account, if the Credit Card charge transaction is successful.
    • When this option is not selected, Studioware will simply add the "payment" transaction to the student's account, and not charge the saved Credit Card
  7. Select "Only add the payment transaction if a saved Credit Card exists" to avoid adding a "payment" transaction to a student's financial account in the event you selected students that do not have saved Credit Cards.
  8. Enter in the amount of the payment transaction.  There are 3 options for the payment transaction amount
    1. Fixed Amount: You can charge a credit card a fixed amount using this option, such as $20.00
    2. Balance Percent: You can charge a credit card based on the student's account balance.  For example, you can elect to charge 100% of the student's month-to-date balance.  See the related articles for information on the different types of account balances Studioware maintains
    3. Invoice Percent: This allows you to charge a student's credit card based on a percentage of s students's outstanding invoice balances.  For example, you could charge 75% of the selected students invoice balance.
  9. If a student is in a family, and you have selected "Fixed Amount" or "Balance Percent" for the transaction amount, this additional setting will be available: "If a student is in a family, only add the transaction once to the family account."
    • When this option is selected, the Credit Card charge, and "payment" transaction will only be added once, regardless of the number of students in the family.
    • When this option is not selected, the Credit Card charge and "payment" transaction will occur for every student in the family.  Please note, the eCommerce provider may prevent duplicate transaction.  Please see your eCommerce provider documentation on duplicate transactions.
  10. Enter in the Transaction Note.
  11. Click on the "Save Transaction" button.
  12. Batch transactions are not added immediately.  They are processed every 20 minutes.  The following pop-up window will be displayed indicating the batch transaction has been successfully queued for processing:
  13. Click on "View Transaction Batch" to see the queued batch transaction.  Alternatively, click on Accounting | More | Batch Transaction Queue: 
  14. You can delete a batch transaction while the status is "Unprocessed" by selected the batch transaction, and clicking on "Delete".
  15. Click on the "Details" button for more information on the batch transaction.  The status of each transaction will be displayed.

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