Editing a Scheduled Class

Studioware allows you to edit a scheduled class after it has been created.  For example, you can edit the class's capacity, instructors, custom fields, start date/time, and more.  Please see the important notes below if you are editing a class's dates.
For example, here's how you edit a class's capacity:
  1. Click on Classes in the main menu
  2. Select the class you wish to change the capacity.  For example, we will change the class capacity for the "6-Week Ukulele Class for Beginners".  Notice there is one active class that is currently scheduled:  
  3. Click on the class name to display the list of scheduled dates/times for this class:.
  4. Select "Edit the Class Schedule" next to the scheduled class where you want to change the capacity:  
  5. Enter in the new Class Capacity, and click on the "Save" button.

Important Notes:

  1. If you increase a class's capacity, Studioware will Not automatically remove students from the waiting list and enroll them in a class if the class is now under capacity.
  2. If you reduce a class's capacity, Studioware will not remove enrolled students and place them on a waiting list if the class is now over capacity.
  3. Studioware will retain the class enrollment if any part of the scheduled class is changes
  4. Studioware will only retain the class's attendance, if the start or date's have not been changes.  If the start or end dates (or both dates have been change), Studioware will not retain the attendance.

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