Attach a PDF to an Email

Studioware contains a File Manager that allows you to upload and organize your files, including PDFs.  A link to a PDF file can be sent in an email.  If you are using the Studioware Email Server to send your emails, Studioware will also track which customers have clicked on the PDF.  To include a PDF link in your email, follow these instructions:
  1. Follow the instructions in the Related Articles to upload your PDF to Studioware
  2. Create/Edit a custom letter.  Please see the Related Articles for more information
  3. Enter (and format) some text that will be used as the link to the PDF.  For example, "Event Details":
  4. Hi-light the text, and click on the "Link" button.  Next, click on "Browse Server" and select the PDF you want to link to the selected text:
  5. Save the letter.  If you student/parents click on the "Event Details" in the email they receive, the PDF will be displayed.

Using a Button

You can create button on a Custom Letter, and then create a link on the button.  That is, instead of creating the link to the PDF on the "Event Details" text, you could create a link to the PDF on a button.  To create a button on a Custom Letter, follow these instructions:
  1. Place your cursor in the body of the email where the new button should appear.
  2. Click on the "Button" toolbar item:
  3. You can design your own button, or use a pre-defined button from the gallery.  Please note, after selecting a pre-defined button, you can customize/edit the button.  For example, you may want to make the gallery button larger:
  4. Enter in the text that should appear on the button.  Do not modify the value in the "Link" field:  
  5. Create the link to the PDF to the button 
  6. Save the custom letter

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