Using the File Manager

Studioware contains a File Manager that will allow you to upload files, including images, PDF, and documents (word or excel documents).  The File Manager also allows you to create folders to organize your files, and delete old/unwanted files.  To get started using the File Manager, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on "Manage" under Business Portal
  3. Click on File Manager in the tool bar.  The File Manager appears as follows:
    Please note: You can right click on many items to get get a popup menu with options.
  4. To create a new folder in the File Manager, right click in the white space, and select "New Folder".
  5. To upload a file to the selected folder, you can right click on white-space, and select "Upload files".  Alternatively, you can upload the file by clicking on the save icon in the toolbar:
  6. If you right click on a file you uploaded, you can select "open" to view the contents of the file:

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