What is Business Portal Content Management?

Studioware allows you to manage all the content that is displayed on your Business Portal.  Some content on the Business Portal is automatically generated for you.  For example, the list of available classes for online enrollment, registering new students, and making invoices payments are examples of "content" that is managed automatically for you.  Other content is created for you when you created your Studioware trial account.  For example, the "Footer" content is automatically created for you.  This content can be edited, or even deleted if it is no longer needed.  You can also create content to be displayed in the Business Portal.
To see the list of "Content" to be included on the Business Portal, click on Administration | Business Portal and Click on Pages.  This is a list of all the pages that are part of your business portal.  You can add content to existing pages, delete content from existing page, or add new pages with content.  Studioware contains a number of templates to help you get started adding content.
Additionally, Studioware contains a "File Manager".  With the file manager, you can upload images, documents, and PDF files that can be included in your Business Portal pages/content:
Please Note: The File Manager is not only used for Business Portal Pages, but the images can also be used in email templates.

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