Using the Text Editor

Studioware contains a powerful text editor for create emails, business portal pages, and setting class descriptions.  The text editor allows you to enter text, format the text size, alignment, color, insert images, and list items.
The main toolbar of the text editor appears as follows:
An exciting feature of the Text Editor allows you to paste an image into the editor, and it will automatically upload and save to Studioware 2.0
Here is a summary of the most important toolbar menu items available:
  •  Press this button to make the editor display in full screen mode.  This is helpful when you are editing documents.  Press this button again to return the editor to the previous size.
  •  New Document.  Clear all the content and formatting in the editor.  This is useful to start a new/fresh page.
  •  Allows to to Cut, Copy, and Paste text into/from the editor the editor.
  • Undo and Redo.  Pressing these buttons will undo or redo your last action.  Additionally, on a windows computer you can press Ctrl-Z to undo the last action
  •  Spell Check your text document.  Miss-spelled words will automatically be underlined with a red line.  You can right click on any red underlined word to get a suggested spelling correction.
  •  Add or remove a link.  If your text document needs a link to another web page, select the text for the link in the editor, and click on the chain-link.  A pop-up window will appear where you can enter the web address (or URL) of the page you are linking to.
  •   Insert an image into the editor.  This button will also allow you to manipulate images.  See the Working with Images knowledge base article
  •   Backup and Restore.  You can save the content in the editor button at any time prior to clicking on the backup button.  A backup will be saved with a date/time stamp.  You can continue editing your document and clicking on the backup button as often as you wish.  If you need to restore a previously saved backup, click on the "Restore" button, and select the backup you would like to restore.
  •   Bold, Italic, Underline the selected or new text.
  •   Create a numeric list or a bullet point list
  •   Indent and out-dent the selected paragraph
  •  Left, center, or right align text
  •   Set the Format of the text.  The default formatting is "Normal" text.  This is useful for adding headings and sub-headings to your content.
  •   Set the font style and font size
  •   Set the foreground and background color of the text
  •   If you know how to create HTML web pages, this button will allow you to see the HTML that is generate, and update any HTML tags.
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