How do I create a new Web Page on the Business Portal?

Studioware allows you to create new content on the Business Portal.  For example, suppose you have an upcoming event that you need to promote to your students/parents.  Studioware allows you to create a web pages to promote your event.  For example, if could be a charity event, a recital, or concert.  
To create a new web page on the Studioware Business Portal, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Administration | Business Portal.  Click on the "Manage" button.Mbr />
  2. Click on "Pages" in the toolbar to display the list of pages on your Business Portal
  3. Click on the Add Page" button: 
  4. Select a template to use for the new page from the drop down list.  For example, "Empty Page with Header" 
    You can visit this web site to view the layout of all the templates:
  5. Enter in the name of the new page, and enter in the page content:  
  6. Click on the "Save" button to save your new page.

Previewing you new Page

After you have saved your changes to the new page, the page will be displayed in the list of pages.  Simply search for your new page, and click on the link/page name.  The page will be displayed in a new tab.  Additionally, the full link/URL will be displayed:

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