Add/Edit a Link on a Business Portal Page

You can use the editor built into Studioware to add or edit a link on your business portal page to another web page.  You can link to any web page on the internet, including other business portal pages you have created.  The process involves 3 steps:
  1. Find the address you want to link to.  For example, you may want to create a link to your social media pages, or other page on the internet
  2. Set the text or image on the business portal page.
  3. Create the link on the text or image to the destination page.

Step 1: Link Address

The first step is to locate the destination page.  This may be a social media web page, your business web page, or another business portal page.  You will want to navigate your browser to the destination page, and copy the link into your clipboard.  You will need to paste the entire link into the Studioware business portal page.
To get the link to a business portal page you have created, click on Administration | Business Portal | Page.  Right click on the business portal page you would like to link to, and select "Copy Link Address":

Step 2: Set the Text or Image

Edit the page (or Footer) that will contain the link.  Select "Full Editor" to edit the page.   Enter in the text or set the image that will contain the link text.  See the related articles to learn how to work with images in Studioware:
In the example below, the text "Facebook" has been selected:

Step 3: Create the link

With the text selected, click on the "Link" button in the toolbar.  The link button is highlighted in green above:
Right click in the "URL" text box, and select "Paste".  Recall in Step 1, we previously copied the destination web page.
Click on the "Ok" button to save the Link, and the "Save" button to save the changes to the business portal page or footer.
Tip: If you want the link to open in a new page, click on "Target" on the link window (highlighted in green above), and select "New Window".

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