How do I set the Registration Fee?

When a new Student is created in Studioware, a registration fee can automatically be added to the student's financial account.  This applies to new students create in the administration portal, importing students, or new students that register on the business portal.
To set the Registration amount, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on "Administration" in the top menu
  2. From the list of administration items, click on "Manage" under the "Global Settings" 
  3. Locate the setting "RegistrationFee".  Alternatively, type in "registration" in the search input field to quickly location the setting:
  4. Click the "Edit" button next to the RegistrationFee" setting.
  5. Enter in the new registration fee value.  For example, the screen shot below shows the new value 35.25 being entered:
    Please Note: If your business does not charge new student registration fees, simple enter 0 for the value and no registration fee will be added to the student's account.
  6. Click on the Save button to save the changes to the registration fee.
Please Note: The change will only apply to new students.  That is, it will not update any existing registration fees already added to the student financial accounts.

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