How do I add an Annual Registration Fee to enrolled students?

Studioware can be configured to automatically add a registration fee when new students are created.  However, suppose you want to add an annual registration fee to existing students that are enrolled in classes.  For example, we will assume that you want to add a $20 fee to students that are enrolled in 1 or more classes.
There are 2 ways to accomplish this:
  1. You can manually add a transactions to all enrolled students
  2. You can create an automation task to add the transaction.
Regardless of how you add the transaction, you must pick a date to perform the action.  Typically, you would pick a date where you expect the enrollment to be completed.  In this example, we will assume that enrollment is taking place in August, so we can add the Registration fee on September 1st.

Manually Adding the Registration Fee

We need to select all students that are enrolled in classes.  To do this click on Students in the main menu.  Select Filters | Enrolled Students.  Select "Show all students that are enrolled in 1 or more classes" and click "Filter Students":
The student grid now displays all the enrolled students.  However, the students are displayed on "pages".  We need to display all the enrolled students so they can be selected.  Simply click on "All Students" from the "Pages" button (bottom right of the student grid).  An then click the check-mark in the header to select all students.  It looks like this:
Now you have all the enrolled students selected....time to add the "Registration" financial transaction.  Click on Actions | Transaction.  Set the transaction type to "Registration", select "Fixed Amount" and set it to $20, and enter in a transaction note.  Also note, you have the option of adding the registration fee to all students in a family, or adding the registration fee to the family once by checking "If a student is in a family, only add the transaction once to the family account".  It looks like this (please note, your studio may not have taxes defined):
Click on the "Save Transactions" button. You transaction will be scheduled and processed in approximately 20 minutes:

Using Automation Tasks to add an Annual Registration Fee

You can schedule Studioware to automatically add the annual registration fee using an automation task.  Click on Administration | Automation | Financial Transaction | Add Transaction.  Create the Automation Financial Transaction as follows:
On September 1st at midnight, Studioware will automatically add a $20 registration fee to all Enrolled students.  An email notification will be sent to the staff member "Stan Jacobs".  This automation task will repeat every year.

Common Questions:

What if a student enrolls in a class late? 

That is, the student enrolled in the class after the Registration transaction was added.  In the example above, that means the student enrolled after September 1st and therefore missed the registration fee.  In this situation, you will need to remember to manually add the Registration transaction to the student's account.  You would open the student's account, click on "Add Transaction" and create a "Registration" transaction:


How can I see all the Registration fees?

There is a financial report that you can use to view all the Registration fees.  Click on Reports | Financial | Transaction Detail Report | Configure.   Select a date range and "Registration" transaction type.  This will show you all the Registration transactions in the date range:

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