Studioware allows you to configure multi-class discounts and multi-family member discounts.   If a student is eligible for both a multi-class and multi-family member discount, you can configure how Studioware will apply the discounts. 
Please note:  This help article describes apply discounts to classes that have Variable Tuition configured.
Using the discount functionality in Studioware involves 3 steps:
  1. Configure the discount amounts
  2. Check that classes are eligible for discounts
  3. Calculate the variable tuition and view the discounts.

Configure the Discounts:

To configure the Multi-Class discounts in Studioware, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Administration 
  2. Click on Discounts
  3. Click on "Add Multi-Class Discount":   
  4. Enter in the name of he Discount
  5. Select the student tags.  If this discount applies to all students, select the "Student" tag.  If you have separate discounts for different types of students, select the appropriate tags.   Studioware analyze the discounts based on Sort Order and Student Tags.  The most generic discount should have a large sort order.  
  6. Indicate if the discount should be a "Fixed Amount Discount", or a "Percentage of Class Discount" amount.
  7. Click on the "Add Row" and to add the discounts amounts: 
  8. Click on the Save button
  9. Repeat the above steps to add additional multi-class discount rules based on student tags.

To configure the Multi-Family discounts, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on Discounts
  3. Click on "Add Multi-Family Discount":  
  4. Enter in the name of the discount, and indicate if the discount amount is a "Fixed Amount Discount" or a "Percentage of Class Tuition Discount"
  5. Click on "Add Row" to enter in the discount amount for the number of enrolled Students from a family:  
  6. Click on the Save button

Configure the Discount Interactions:

By default, Studioware will apply both the multi-class discount and multi-family discount to a student if they are eligible.  You can change this behavior by clicking on the "Configure the Discount Interactions" button 
The available options for the discount interactions are:
  • Only the Multiple Family Member discount will be applied
  • Only the Multiple Class discount will be applied
  • Both the Multiple Family Member and Multiple Class discounts will be applied
  • Apply the smaller (lesser amount) of the 2 discounts
  • Apply the higher (greater amount) of the 2 discounts

Configuring a Class for Discounts

Discounts will only be applied to students enrolling in classes that allow for discounts.  To allow a class to be eligible for discounts, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Classes in the Main menu,
  2. Select "Class List"
  3. Click on "Edit Class"next to a class:  
  4. Select "Allow Discounts" and click on the "Save" button: 

Calculate Variable Tuition Discounts

Studioware automatically calculates the discounts when you Calculate Variable Tuition:

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