Enrolling Students

You have the class created, the tuition has been defined, and the class has been scheduled.  You are now ready to enroll students in the schedule classes.
There are a number of different ways to enroll students in classes, including:
  • Open a class and select/search for multiple students.  This is known as Class Enrollment.
  • Open a student record and search for classes to enroll into.  This is known as Student Enrollment.
  • View the enrollment for a specific class, and enroll one or more of the students in another class.  This is known as Graduation Enrollment.
  • Select a student from a waiting list, and enroll the student in the class that is full.  This is known as Forced Enrollment.
  • Allow students/parents/families to enroll in class from the business portal.  This is known as Online Enrollment.

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