Re-Send Payment Notifications

PayPal notifies Studioware of a payment using Instant Payment Notifications or IPN.  
A Student/Parent should use the Business Portal to make a payment in order for Studioware to be notified.   
You can log onto your Business PayPal account and review all the Instant Payment Notifications.  You also have the option of re-sending IPN notifications to Studioware for re-processing.
Studioware keeps track of all Notifications sent from PayPal.  If a notification is sent more than once, a duplicate payment transaction will NOT be added to student/family financial account
To review the notifications sent from PayPal to Studioware, follow these steps:
  1. Log onto your PayPal account.  You must have a Business PayPal account.  This will not work if you only have a Personal PayPal account.
  2. Next, you need to navigate in PayPal to your Instant Payment Notification history.  The easiest way to get to your IPN history is to click on this link:

    This link will only work if you have logged onto PayPal  
  3. Your IPN history will appear as follows:
  4. You can resend one or more IPN transactions, by selecting the transaction and clicking on the "Resend Selected".  Typically, you will only want to re-send the "Failed" transaction, or the Studioware Support Team has indicated you should re-send some notifications.
    Make sure the value "To Send an IPN again to a profile URL..." is NOT checked, unless the Studioware Support Team instructs you to check the value.
  5. The selected payment notifications will be re-sent to Studioware and processed.  You will notice that the status has a "resending" suffix appended.

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