Export Report Data into Excel

Microsoft Excel contains a feature that allows you to import your report data from a web site.  This is useful in case you need to manipulate the data, or copy-and-paste the data into another application custom as Email, or QuickBooks.  
Here's how to import the Studioware reports into MS Excel:
  1. Launch MS Excel and create a new Spreadsheet/Workbook.
  2. Click on the "Data" menu item, and select "From Web" in the sub-menu
  3. A pop-up browser window "New Web Query" is displayed.  This is Excel's built in web browser.  Enter in the Studioware web address in the Address box and click "Go": www.Studioware2.com
  4. Enter in your Studioware Credentials.  Studioware uses a secure certificate, so your information is encrypted and protected.
  5. Click on Reports in the main menu, and navigate to the report you want to import into Excel.
  6. Click on the "Web" version of the report.
  7. Excel will display the report in the popup browser window
  8. Next you need to tell the Excel import process which tables on the report it should import.  Click on the "Yellow-Right-Arrow" button in the upper left corner of the pop-up browser to indicate you want to import all the data from the report into Excel.  The Yellow arrow should turn to a blue check-mark, as seen below:
  9. Click on the "Import" button in the Excel Pop-up browser window.  Indicate that you want to import the data into a "New Worksheet": 
  10. After you click on the "Ok" button, Excel will retrieve the Studioware report data and display it in a worksheet: 
  11. You have successfully imported the Studioware report into Excel

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