Authorize.Net API Keys

Studioware needs 3 values from Authorize.Net to complete the integration with Authorize.Net
  1. API Logon Id
  2. Transaction Key
  3. Client Key
Studioware uses these 3 values to capture and authorize Credit Card and ACH/eCheck transactions on your behalf.  These 3 settings cannot be used to logon to your Authorize.Net account.  The Authorize.Net documentation states:
Your API Login ID and Transaction Key are unique pieces of information specifically associated with your payment gateway account. However, the API login ID and Transaction Key are NOT used for logging into the Merchant Interface. These two values are only required when setting up an Internet connection between your e-commerce Web site and the payment gateway. They are used by the payment gateway to authenticate that you are authorized to submit Web site transactions.

API Logon Id and Transaction Key

The API Logon Id and Transaction Key would have been sent in email when you signed up with the Authorize.Net account.  These values are also available by logging onto Authorize.Net, clicking on Home | Account - Settings | Security Settings - API Credentials and Keys:
The settings will appear as follows:
If you do not have your Transaction Key from your original Sign-up email, you will need to generate a new Key by clicking on "New Transaction Key" and "Sunmit".

Client Key

The Authorize.Net Client Key is the last piece of information that Studioware needs.  To create a Client Key to be used in Studioware, follow these instructions:
  1. While you are logged onto Authorize.Net, navigate to Home | Account - Settings | Security Settings - Manage Public Client Key.  This menu item is located directly below the previous "API Credential and Keys" menu item in the screen shot above.
  2. The Client Key will be available on the web page.  You may need to create a new Client Key 
These are the 3 values that are needed by Studioware to completed the integration

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