Configuring Studioware with Authorize.Net

In order to configure Studioware to utilize your Authorize.Net account, you first need to obtain the 3 Authorize.Net API Keys  [Learn More]
To configure Studioware use your Authorize.Net account, follow these instructions:
  1. Log into Studioware 2.0 with a administrator account
  2. Click on Administration | eCommerce - Manage
  3. Click on "Add eCommerce Provider" and select "Authorize.Net" from the drop-down list of providers:  
    • You can set a eCommerce Provider Active/Inactive by checking/un-checking the "This eCommerce Provider is Active?"
    • You can specify if the eCommerce provider is in "Test Mode".  This allows you to fully test the Credit Card and Bank eCommerce payments.  You must use an Authorize.Net Sandbox account in Test Mode [Learn More]
  4. There are 5 configurable items for Authorize.Net

API Login ID and Transaction Key

These 2 values are typically emailed to you when you first create your Authorize.Net account.  They are also available from within your Authorize.Net account [Learn More].  These 2 values need to be entered into Studioware.  Typically, you would copy-and-paste the values into Studioware.

Client Key

You need to log onto your Authorize.Net account to generate the Client Key [Learn More].  Next, you would copy-and-paste the Client Key from Authorize.Net into Studioware.

Payment Options

You can elect to allow your customers to make Credit Card payments only, make ACH/eCheck Bank payments only, or both Credit Card and ACH/Bank Payments.  Select your preference from the drop-down list.

Merchant Seal HTML

Authorize.Net allows you to create a Merchant Seal that can be included on your web site.  This setting allows you to enter in the code/HTML for your merchant seal.  When you customer click on the merchant seal, a "Verified by Authorize.Net" message appears.  Optionally, you can use one of Studioware pre-defined images [Learn More].

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