How do I Email a Class?

Studioware allows you to email all the students in a class.  You have the option of emailing all the students in a class, or you can select which scheduled classes you would like to email.
You must have your email settings configured first in order to send emails [Learn More]
To get started, log onto Studioware and follow these steps:
  1. Click on Classes from the main menu
  2. Select one or more classes to email. In the example below, the class "Advanced Skiing" has been selected. Notice that this class has been scheduled twice, and there are a total of 8 enrolled students in the 2 classes:  

    You also have the option of only emailing select scheduled classes.  For example, if you only wanted to email one of the two scheduled "Advanced Skiing" classes, you could click on "Schedule" and select the specific scheduled classes you would like to email

  3. After you click on the Email button, you will be re-directed to the "Email Letter" page.  The "Email Letter" page has two main sections
    1. The top section of the "Email Letter" page allows you to select the letter to be emailed to students.  Your list of pre-defined letters will appear in the drop down list.  Alternatively, you have the option of composing a new letter.  If you click on the "Compose a Letter" button, you can enter the body of the email.
    2. The lower half of the "Email Letter" page contains the recipients.  Notice the students from the selected classes are already populated in the list of recipients, therefore, you do not need to add new recipients: 
  4. Finally, you need to indicate if you want the email the students and/or the student contacts:
  5. Click on "Save" button to queue the email request.  
  6. After you click on "Save", you will see the list of queued email requests, and there current status.  Studioware processes the email requests every 30 minutes.  You can cancel an email request prior to it being processed: 

    You can see your list of queued emails at any time by clicking on Administration | Communication | Queue
  7. The Status will switch to "Complete" after Studioware processes the email request: 

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