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Studioware 2.0  allows you to conveniently import student data.  You can upload a text file, and Studioware will process the text file and create a student for every row in the file.  Within the text file, you can include the typical demographic information about the students, such as first name, last name, mailing address, phone numbers, email addresses, status, contact information and even custom fields (such as skill level).
To get started importing students into Studioware, follow these steps:
  1. Log onto Studioware with a user that has administrative security.
  2. Click on Students in the main menu
  3. Click on "Add Student" and select "Import Students" from the drop down menu
  4. The first step of the Student Import Wizard allows you to upload a file that contains your student data.  The file must be a Comma Separate Values file, or CSV.  If you student data is currently in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for example, you can simple save your spreadsheet as a CSV file by clicking "Save As" in Excel and selecting CSV.  
  5. If the first row in your spreadsheet already contains headers, click on the check box "The first row of the import file contains headers"
  6. After your file has been uploaded, you will be shown a sample of the first 15 records in the file.  You need to map every column in the uploaded spread sheet to a field in Studioware by clicking the drop down list and selecting a Studioware field.  For example, from the sample records that are displayed from you file, search for the "student first name" field.  Indicate to Studioware that the column contains all the student's first names:  


    Field Name Description
    Do Not Import Studioware will ignore this column from your uploaded spreadsheet and the data will not be imported
    Add as a Student Note The value will only be added as a Student Note
    Account Balance Every student 
    First Name  
    Last Name  
    Family Name You can group students/siblings together into a family, for example, the "Anderson" family.  Simply enter the family name in the "Family Name" columns.  Studioware will group together students as siblings where the family name matches.
    Full Name (first, last)  
    Full Name (last, first)  
    Address 1  
    Address 2  
    Zip/Postal Code  
    Address List  
    Phone List  
    Email List  
    BirthDate Optionally, you can add a pipe parameter to specify the date format.   If no parameter is provided, the date format is assumed to be mm/dd/yyyy.   For example, enter in "10/31/1997" for October 31st, or "31/10/1997|dd/mm/yyyy"
    Drivers License  
    Education Level  
    Health Insurance  
    Hospital Preference  
    Marital Status  
    School Name
    Special Needs  
    Web Sites  
    Reference Id  
    Contact First Name  
    Contact Last Name  
    Contact Full Name  
    Contact Type  
    Contact Address List  
    Contact Street Address  
    Contact City  
    Contact State/Province  
    Contact Zip/Postal  
    Contact Phone  
    Contact Email  


  7. Before saving the imported students, you will have the option to override "Do not add the Registration fee for imported students" and "Add the import record as a Student Note"
  8. Click on the Save button after all the fields have been mapped, and the student data will be imported into Studioware. There will be a pop-up message with the count of the number of students that have been successfully imported. 
  9. If any students fail to import, you will see the following pop-up:
  10. The import result page could potentially display errors and warnings. An error indicates the student record was not imported into Studioware. The error description will indicate which row in your spread sheet contains the bad student data. A warning indicates the student record was imported, however it did contain some bad data. For example, Nate was an error because the last name is required and was missing in the import file

Please Note:

Studioware 2 can automatically import Studioware 1 export data 
You can add up to four contacts information 

Reference Items:

  1. Sample Import File: Student Import.csv

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