Add a Student

Studioware allows you to add individual students, multiple students (up to 10 students at one time), or import a list of students.  Students can be grouped together into Families.  Every Student/Family created in Studioware will automatically receive an Accounts Receivable Financial Account, where you can record financial transactions such as tuition charges, payments, purchases, and more.
To add students individually, follow these steps:
  1. Go to and log into your account 
  2. Click on the "Students" link on the main menu bar
  3. Click on "Add Student" on the tool bar 
  4. Fill out students first name, last name and student status. 
  5.  Optionally select a location from the drop down list for the student. Location is not required
  6.  Click "Save" to add the student 

Please Note:

  • A tag is a way to classify/categorize your student data.  All students will automatically be assigned the "Student" tag (you cannot remove the student tag).  You can elect to add additional tags.  Tags allow you to easily work with groups of students.
  • The Location option is a way to affiliate a student with a specific location.
  • Adding students individual gives you more control or specifying the tags for the students, and it allows you to set the student's location.


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