Class Categories

Studioware allows you to create "Categories" and then assign those categories to classes.  For example, you could create a category such as "Summer Camps", and then assign that category to all relevant classes.
With the Class Explorer, its easy to group your classes by class category.  In addition, you can create display all classes with a specified class category on the Business Portal.
To get start, add one or more class categories, by following these instructions:
  1. Click on Administration and then Class Categories.  The list of class categories will be displayed  
  2. Click on the "Add Category".
  3. Enter in the name of the new class category and click save:
  4. The new class category will be saved and available to assign to classes.
Class category names can be changed by clicking on the "Edit" button, or deleted by clicking on the "Delete" button. 
You can also replace one category with another category by clicking on the "Replace" button, selecting the replacement category, and clicking "Replace":

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