Migrating from Studioware 1.0 to Studioware 2.0

Studioware 2.0 is a separate web site from Studioware 1.0 (www.studioware-online.com).  You will need to create a Studioware 2.0 account [learn more].  Your data will not be automatically migrated to Studioware 2.0.  You can easily migrate your student data from Studioware 1.0 (www.Studioware-Online.com) to Studioware 2.0 (www.Studioware2.com) by following these instructions:
  1. Log onto Studioware 1.0 (www.studioware-online.com) and click on Students | Export Students.
  2. Select "Export All Students" and click on "Export".  This will allow you to download a spreadsheet (CSV File) of all your student data:  
  3. Log onto your Studioware 2.0 account
  4. Select Students | Add Student | Import Students:  


  5. The details steps for finishing the student import, can be found in the help article Importing Students


You can only import student data into Studioware 2.0. Your staff and classes will need to be created manually in Studioware 2.0



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