Add/Edit a Global Settings

There are many settings that control how Studioware functions.  Some settings are configured for you automatically when you signup for Studioware.  Other settings can be changed by editing their values.  Finally, Studioware has default values for some settings, therefore, the settings do not appear in the "Global Settings" section.
To add a new Global Setting, follow theses instructions:
  1. Logon to Studioware with an administrative account.
  2. Click on Administration | Global Setting.  The global settings screen appears as follows:  
  3. Use the "Search Setting" functionality to find the setting you are trying to edit, or to confirm that the setting you are going to add does not already exist.
  4. Some settings are Read Only and cannot be edited.
  5. Click on "Edit" to change an existing setting.  Click on "Add Global Setting" to add a new global setting.
  6. The setting screen appears.  You can add/edit the setting name, category, description, and value.  The setting screen appears as follows:   
  7. Click on the "Save" button to save the new/changed setting.
If you have any questions about global settings, please contact Studioware support for clarification.

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