How do the Studioware Subscription Plans work?

Studioware has a number of monthly subscription plans to choose from.
Regardless of the Subscription plan you choose, all plans allow for an unlimited number of students!
The different prices for the subscription plans are based on the number of enrolled students. 

Consider this example:

You have a list of 3000 students for your business.  Some students are active, other's are interested, and still others have taken a class some time ago, but are now considered "inactive" because they are no longer taking classes.  Studioware allows you to add/import all 3000 students, regardless of the subscription plan you choose.  The Free Plan also allows for unlimited students.
Furthermore, suppose your business offers 50 different classes, and you have 20 full-time and part-time employees and instructors.  Again, ALL subscription plans allow for unlimited classes and staff members.
The price difference with Studioware comes into play with regards to enrollment.  Suppose your student "Susie" has enrolled in 3 classes.  That is, the one student "Susie" has enrolled in 3 classes.  This is considered one student enrollment.  The Studioware subscription plans are differentiated by the number of student enrollments, not class enrollment counts.  In our example, Susie's enrollment in 3 classes is considered 1 student enrollment. 
If Susie's brother "Timmy" enrolls in 2 classes, now the siblings are enrolled into a total of 5 class enrollments, however, there are only 2 student enrollments:  Susie is enrolled in classes, and Timmy is enrolled in classes.
When you are picking a Studioware subscription plan, you need to pick the plan based on the number of enrolled students it allows.  For example, if your business expects less that 200 students to enroll out of the 3000 students defined, the best subscription package to pick would be the "Growing Up Plan", because it allows for a maximum of 200 enrolled students, as indicated below:
The Executive Dashboard makes it easy to see the number of class enrollments, and the number of student enrollments:
For example, in the screen shot above, there is a total of 35 enrollments in classes (and no waiting lists).  Those 35 class enrollments were completed by 28 students (or 6% of your student population).  Clearly, some of the 28 students have enrolled in multiple classes.  In this example above, you would need to select a subscription plan that would accommodate at least 28 students enrollments.
Studioware will never prevent a student from enrolling in a class!
We will never prevent a student from enrolling in a class, even if you go above the number of student enrollments your selected plan allows for.  We will simply send you a reminder letting you know that you should upgrade your plan to allow for more student enrollments.

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