How can I allow a student to take unlimited classes?

If you have the need to allow a specific set of students to take unlimited classes, you can configure a tuition option to allow for this.  You need to create a new person tag called "Unlimited Classes", affiliate the tag with the students that receive free tuition, and set the tuition to zero for students that have the "Unlimited Classes" tag. 
Here are the steps to accomplish unlimited classes:
  1. Log into Studioware and click on Administration | Person Tags
  2. Click on "Add Person Tag" in the toolbar, and enter "Unlimited Classes".  You can name the new tag any value you wish, such as "Free Classes", or "No tuition"
  3. Search for the students that will have "Unlimited Classes" tag.  Edit the student record, and select the tag you created in step 2.  For example, here is a student with the new tag: 
  4. Create new tuition for each class.  Set the tuition amount as "No Tuition for this class", and make sure you have Student and the new tag from step 2 selected.  For example, here is a new tuition item for free tuition:
  5. When the student Drew Boeing enrolls in the class that has the tuition specified above, there will be no tuition applied to the student's financial account.

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