Pro-Rate Tuition

If a student is enrolling in a class that has already started, you have the option of applying a discount to the student's financial account.  At the time of enrollment, Studioware determines if the class has started, and calculates the percentage complete.  For example, assume a student is enrolling in a class that has already started, and is 10% complete.  Studioware then allows you to apply a 10% discount to the student's financial account.  To use Pro-Rating, follow these steps:
  1. Select a class that has already started.
  2. Click on "Enroll Students" in the Action drop-down
  3. The Pro-Rate amount is displayed.
    Please Note: By default, Studioware selects "No, I do not want to apply a discount..." in the Pro-Rate options.
  4. Simply indicate if you want to apply the ProRate discount to the student's financial account, and click on the Save button.
Studioware offers a number of ways to enroll students in classes:
  1. Open a class and select multiple students.  This is known as class enrollment.
  2. Open a student and select multiple classes.  This is known as student enrollment.
  3. Open the enrollment from a class, and enroll students in another class.  This is known as graduation enrollment.
  4. Select a student from a waiting list, and enroll the student in the class.  This is know as forced enrollment.
Regardless of the type of enrollment, if a class has started Studioware will give you the option to Pro-Rate the class.  For example, here's what Pro-Rate looks like for student enrollment:


  • The full tuition is posted to a students account.  An additional "Discount" tuition will be added to the student's financial account if you elect to a Pro-Rate.  The Discount transaction will be the first transaction; That is, it will appear before the tuition transactions.
  • You can turn off Pro-Rating by adding a global setting "ProRate Classes" and setting the value to "false"
  • Pro-Rating is not available when students/parents/families are using the Business Portal.  That is, it will not appear on the online enrollment.  If you need to pro-rate a class from an online enrollment, you will need to manually add a "discount" transaction.

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Per-Class Tuition

If all the tuition items for a class are configured as "Tuition is charged for each individual class date", the pro-rating behaves differently.  If you elect to pro-rate a student's tuition, and the class tuition is "per class amount", a tuition transaction will not be created for classes that have completed.  This is different than the other tuition methods where the pro-rate calculates the percentage of the class completed and applies a discount, a per class tuition pro-rate simply does not include the tuition transaction in a student's account.

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