Tuition Type - No tuition for a class

Sometimes a class does not have tuition.  Other times, certain sub-set of students will not pay tuition for a class.  In these scenarios, you can setup the "No Tuition for a Class" setting.  To setup this tuition type, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Classes in the Main Menu
  2. Find a class in the list of classes.  Optionally, you can type in the Class's Internal Id, or Class Name to filter the class list.  In the "Action" drop-down list, select "Tuition": 
  3. Click on "Add Class Tuition" to add a new class tuition, or click on "Edit" next to an existing tuition item to edit.
    Tip:  If you edit and save an existing tuition item, Studioware will not update the tuition of student already enrolled in the class.  The changed tuition will apply to all new students that enroll in the class after the tuition has been changed.
  4. Under "Class Tuition Type" select the "No Tuition for this class" from the drop down list.
  5. Select one or more Tags that this tuition applies to.  At a minimum select the "Student" tag.
  6. Click on "Save" to save this no tuition item.

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