Tuition Type - Individual Classes

With this option you, specify the amount of tuition each student pays for an individual scheduled class date.

For example, if a class meets once a week on Monday evenings, enter the amount of tuition for a single Monday evening class. Studioware automatically calculates the total number of weeks for a class and adds the tuition transactions to the student account at the time of enrollment.

Studioware allows you to define dates your school is closed (for holidays and vacations).  You can set the closed dates by clicking on Administration | Holidays.   This becomes important when you set a class to use the Individual Class Dates tuition.  As another example. suppose you have a class that is offered on Monday evenings, and the same class is also offered on Tuesday evenings.  Students can use the Business Portal and enroll in either class.  If a holiday occurs on a Monday and the business is closed, students enrolled in the Monday class will not get the tuition charge when the class tuition is configured for Individual Class Dates.  However, since the business is open on Tuesday, students enrolled in that class will receive the tuition charges.
To set a class's tuition type to Individual Class Dates, follow these instructions:
  1. Select "Tuition is charged for each individual class date" from the "Class Tuition Type".
  2. Enter in the tuition amount for a single class.
  3. Select one or more student tags for this tuition item.  At a minimum, please select the Student tag.
  4. Click on the Save button to save the tuition

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