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Studioware classes can be configured to utilize the rate of tuition defined for the staff member teaching the class.  Therefore, if you have a staff member that is an "expert" and teaching an advanced class, you can set a rate for that staff member, different from the rate of a different staff member.

Setting the Staff Tuition Rates:

The first step in setting this up is to set the class tuition rate charged by each staff member:
  1. Open a Staff Record
  2. Click on "Financial Rates" in the staff toolbar
  3. There are 2 different staff financial rates:
    1. The staff member's pay rate
    2. The staff member's tuition rate.  This is the value we are interested in this article.  
  4. Click on the Edit button next to the "Class Tuition Rate"
  5. Enter in the amount of Tuition this staff member will charge for classes he/she will teach.  This is an hourly rate.  We will configure a class later to utilize this rate, but for now, please note is is the amount of tuition that will be charged in the student's financial accounts if they enroll in a class taught by this staff member.  You need to specify the hourly rate here.  Of course, the class may not be 60 minutes; Studioware will automatically calculate the correct tuition amounts if the class duration is less than (or more than) 60 minutes
  6. Click on the Save button
  7. Continue adding the Class Tuition Rate to all your staff members.  Please note, each staff member can have a different tuition rate

Configuring a Class to use the Staff Tuition Rate

When you create a class in Studioware, you have multiple options for the tuition.  Please see the related article below "Class Tuition Overview" for details on creating tuition for a new class, or editing the tuition for an existing class.
To set a class's tuition to utilize a staff member's class tuition rate, simply select the option "The tuition for the class is based on the staff members tuition rate" in the "Class Tuition Type" drop down.  It appears as follows:

Student Enrollment

When a student enrolls in a class that has been configured to use the instructors's Class Tuition Rate, Studioware automatically adds multiple tuition transactions to the student's financial account for each class date.  Studioware knows the length of each class in minutes, and the amount set in the instructor's Class Tuition Rate.  Studioware calculates the tuition and adds the value to the student's financial account.  For example, ere is the financial account for the student "Tone Anderson", that has enrolled in a class that has the tuition set to the teacher's class tuition rate.  
Tip: If a class has more than 1 instructor, Studioware will calculate the tuition for the student based on each instructor's Class Tuition Rate.  The student's financial account will display a tuition transaction for each staff member for each class date.  

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