Tuition Type - Student Custom Field

Class can be configured to pull the tuition amount from a student's custom field.  Using this option, you can specify the tuition for a class at the individual student level.  For example, student 1 can be configure with $110, student 2, can be configured with $120, and student 3 could be configured with $80.
To get started using Student Custom Field tuition, you first need to add a student custom field.  To create a new custom field in Studioware, please see this help article: Custom Fields
Please note:
  • The custom field type must be "Student"
  • The data type for this custom field must be Currency, Decimal, or Numeric (because the custom fields will hold the tuition amount).
  • It's possible that Not all students will have the custom field populated.  If you set a default value for the custom field, the default value will be used as the tuition in the event the student does not have the custom field populated.
To get started with he student custom field tuition type, follow these instructions:
  1. Create a numeric student custom field.  It's a good idea to set a default value for the new custom field
  2. Ads or Edit a new Tuition item for a class.
  3. Set the "Class Tuition Type" to "Use the tuition amount that appears in a student's custom field".  
  4. Select the student custom field that contains the tuition amount from the drop down list.  In this example, the student custom field is called "Tuition":
    Tip: Only numeric, currency, and decimal custom fields are displayed in the drop-down list of student custom fields
  5. Select one or more student tags that this tuition items applies to.  At a minimum, select the "Student" tag.
    Tip: You can create more than 1 student numeric custom fields, and apply the custom field tuition based on the student's tags.
  6. Click on the "Save" button to save this tuition item.
  7. When a student enrolls in a class, and the tuition item is set to "Student Custom Field", the tuition will be pulled from the student's custom field

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