Post Staff Salary

Studioware can analyze all you staff hours and classes for a given date range, and calculate the staff salary owed.  To get started, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Accounting in the Main Menu
  2. Select "Calculate Staff Salary" from the "More" drop-down list:
  3. The Calculate Staff Salary web page will appear.
  4. Enter in the Start Date and Stop Date.  Alternatively, you can click on the links to set the dates:  Previous Week, Current Week, Next Week, Previous Month, Current Month, Next Month
  5. Click on the "Calculate" button.  Studioware will analyze all the staff members, and all classes between the start and stop date.  
  6. Studioware has calculated the total hours, total class count, and total sessions between the start and stop date.  Studioware also retrieved each staff member's pay rate, and calculated the amount owed.
  7. Make an changes needed to the staff salary:
    1. Un-check any staff member that you don't want to process the salary transaction.
    2. Review the Salary Owed value for each staff member, and make any necessary changes.  That is, you can override the amount that Studioware calculated.
    3. Make any necessary changes to the staff member notes.
    4. To see a staff members detailed schedule, click on the "Schedule" button.  The staff member's schedule will open in a new window/tab.
    5. To see the staff member's pay-rate, click on the "Pay Rate" button.  The staff member's payrate will open in a new window.  
      Tip: If any changes are made to a staff member's pay rate, you will need to click on the "Calculate" button again to have Studioware refresh the calculations.
  8. Once your salary amount and note modifications are complete, click on the "Process Transactions" in Step 3 to create the "Salary" transactions for the selected staff members.
  9. A summary of the transactions is displayed.

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