Waiver Templates

Below are some sample waivers that you can use in your business.  Please copy and paste the text below for the waivers you wish to include.  Please review and make the necessary changes to fit your business needs.
To use any of the wavier templates below, follow these directions:
  1. Create or Edit a Waiver (see related article for detailed instructions on creating a waiver)
  2. Click on the "Source" button in the "Waiver Content" editor
  3. Copy a waiver template from below.
  4. Paste the waiver template content into the "Waiver Content" editor.  For example, here is the Assumption of Risk waiver pasted into the "Waiver Content".
  5. Complete the remaining fields when adding/editing a wavier and click on the save button.

Assumption of Risk


Release of Liability


Medical Emergencies


Studio Policies


Hold Harmless


Media Release Agreement


Dress Code Policy


Payment Policies


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