Integrating the Business Portal - Website

The Studioware Business Portal is a full website where you can add pages, content, images, documents (pdf), styles (CSS), scripts, HTML, images, and more.  Studioware can automatically include certain pages such as staff profiles, student profiles, class lists, and online enrollment/registration.   You can create a separate Business Portal for each of your locations.
The name/web-address of your business portal can be found by clicking on Administration | Business Portal.  All Business Portals have the same naming convention:
You can configure the [WebName] of your Business Portal by clicking on the "General Setting" in the Administration | Business Portal section.
Additionally, if you want to have a custom URL for your Business Portal, you can accomplish this by forwarding your domain to your Business Portal URL.  
Tip: Seaching google for "forward my domain to another website" will provide lots of additional help.  

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