Integrating the Business Portal - Link

The easiest way to integrate the Business Portal with your existing website is to add a link on your existing web site to a Business Portal page.
For example, suppose you want to create a link on your existing web page to the Class page on the Business Portal.  To accomplish this, follow these instructions.
  1. Get the link of your Business Portal by clicking on Administration | Business Portal
  2. Find the page from your Business Portal that you want to include on your existing web site.  For example, find the Classes page.  The Classes page will look this this:


    Tip: Of course, your [WebName] will be different
  3. Create a link on your existing Website to the address above.  You may need to have your web site administrator perform the change for you.  The link will be an HTML anchor tag, and will look like this:

    The above HTML code will put a link on your existing web site to the classes page in the Studioware Business Portal. The target="_blank" will open the Business Portal classes page in a new window/tab in the browser.

Other pages in the Studioware Business Portal you may wish to include on your existing web site include:
  • Staff Profiles: https://[WebName]
  • Register/Sign-In Page:  https://[WebName]

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