Multiple Tuition Items

Studioware allows you to define multiple tuition items for a class.  There are a couple of scenarios where you may wish to use the multiple tuition items feature in Studioware.

Scenario 1:  Required and Optional Tuition Items

For example, suppose the students enrolling in "Introductory" class, are required to pay $100 for the 5 week class, and they are also required to purchase a book for the class.  In this scenario, you would create 2 required tuition items:
  1. The first class tuition item would be for the actual class tuition of $100.  Of course, you could make this due at the time of enrollment, at the first class, by setting a per-class fee of $20, the teacher's rate, or a student custom field (see the related articles for more information)
  2. The second tuition item could simply be the amount charge for the book required for the class.  For example, you could create the tuition item for $19.95 for the required book.  Again, you can set the payment schedule, that is, when the $19.95 will be due.  The timing/schedule of the payments can be different among the tuition items.
Futhermore, lets assume that the student can optnioally purchase a "T-Shirt" for the class.  You could create a third optional tuition item called "T-Shirt" for $9.95.  When a student enrolls in a class, they cannot remove the "required" tuition items, however, they can select any "optional" tuition items.

Scenario 2: Student Population Segmentation

Suppose within your population of students, you can divide your students into Categories (or sub-populations).  Here are a couple of examples to illustrate this "categorizing":
  1. Every student in your population can be classified as "Beginner", "Intermediate", or "Advanced"
  2. Some student within your population can be on a 10% scholarship, a 20% scholarship, or no scholarship.
  3. Some student have a parent in the Military, and other students do not have a parent in the Military.
Studioware's multiple tuition feature allows you to create tuition items based on these student sub-populations.  Studioware accomplished this be using tags. 
Below are the steps required to create multiple tuition items based on a student's skill set.  That is, will create the default tuition for a student, the Beginner student tuition, the Intermediate, and Advance Student tuition.

Classifying Students:

  1. You need to define the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Tags.  Here is a separate help article that shows you how to create Person Tags.
  2. Now that you have your person tag's defined, when you add a new student, you can set the tags to the appropriate values
  3. Similarly, when you open a student record, you can click on "Edit Student" to change a student's tags:

Creating Multiple Tuition Items

Follow the steps below to create the multiple tuition items for a class
  1. Click on Classes in the main menu
  2. Select "Tuition" from the action drop-down list
  3. Click on "Add Class Tuition".  Enter in the tuition name, description, amounts. [More Information]
  4. Select the appropriate tags for this new Tuition Item.  For example, if this tuition item is for Beginner Students, select Beginner and Student tags:
  5. Click on the Save button to create this tuition item
  6. Repeat the above steps to add tuition items for Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • You should always select the Student Tag when creating tuition items
  • In the example above, we created 3 tuition items for Beginned, Intermediate, and Advanced students.  You should always create a tuition item with only Student tag selected.  In other words, in this exmaple, you would have 4 tuition items.  If you forget to add the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advance tag on a student, the tuition item with just the Student tag will be used.

Enrolling Students

When a student is enrolled in a class, Studioware analyzes the student's tags, compares it to the tuition item tags, and selects the appropriate tuition for the class.  For a student with a Student and Beginner tag, Studioware will select the "Beginner Class Tuition" from the list of tuition items.
For example, the Advanced student Janet Anderson is enrolling in the class.  Notice that her required tuition is "Advanced Class Tuition"
Notice that the student Jeff Jones is being assigned the "Beginner Class Tuition" because his tags are "Beginner" and "Student".  Also note, the student Tom Little is being assigned the "Intermediate Class Tuition", because his tags are "Beginner" and "Student".

Tuition Analysis

When Studioware analyzes the tuition for a class and students, the results of the analysis are displayed in the "Tuition Analysis" button.  It appears as follows:
When evaluating the tuition for a class for a student, Studioware performs the following analysis:
  • Studioware loads all the tuition items for the class.
  • It evaluates each tuition in order by the Sort Order value. 
  • The tags on the tuition item must match the tags on the student for that tuition item to apply.  If any of the tags are different between the student and tuition item, the tuition item is skipped, and the next tuition item is evaluated.
  • All tuition items that are required are automatically selected for a student.  All tuition items that are optional, are un-selected by default

Multiple Tuition Items and Online Enrollment

When a student enrolls in a class on the Business Portal,the same process to find the correct tuition item is also executed.  For example, if a student has "Advanced" and "Student" tags, the tuition on the Business Portal will also evaluate to "Advanced Class Tuition".
Tip: If a new student registers on the Business Portal, only the "Student" tag is automatically added to the new student.  Any additional tags that need to be added to the student can only be added by your Studioware users/staff.

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