Studioware allows you to create waivers, specify the frequency of the waivers, track the waivers that have been accepted and the waivers that are waiting for acceptance.  If the content of a wavier is changed/edited, you can specify that the changed waiver needs to be immediately re-accepted.  There is also an Overdue Waiver Report, and a convenient way to email all students needing to accept a waiver.
To get started creating or editing a waiver, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Administration
  2. Select Waivers from the list of administration options
  3. Click on Add a Waiver to create a new waiver, or "Edit" to edit an existing waiver
  4. Enter in the Waiver name, indicate if the waiver is active, enter any notes/description related to the waiver (the notes are not displayed to you students/parents), and set the sort order.  If multiple waivers are created, the sort order indicates the order the waivers are presented to the students/parents:
  5. Enter in the waiver content.  Merge fields will be replaced with the appropriate data.  Click on View Waiver Templates for examples of waivers you can use.
  6. Enter in the Acceptance Results.  This is the text that is displayed next to a check box for the students/parents to accept the waiver:
  7. Set the Acceptance Criteria.  The options include
    • The waiver is presented to the students/family immediately and must be accepted once.
    • The waiver is presented annually, on the specified month and day
    • The waiver is presented monthly/annually, on the specified interval, on the start date.  This option allows the waiver to be presented every 6 months, every  2 years, or more.
  8. Select the option "If the waiver is changed/updated, the student/family must immediately re-accept the waiver" if you want the waiver to be presented to the students/families every time it is changed, including when it is newly created.
  9. Click on the "Save" button to save the waiver:

Accepting Waivers

When a student/parent access the Business Portal and logs on, any waivers needing acceptance are presented to the student/parent.  The student/parent must review and accept all waivers in order to use and of the functionality in the Business Portal:
Tip: If there are multiple students on an account, that is, a family account, there will be a waiver created for each student.  For example, in the screen-shot above there are 2 waivers: one for Bobbie Anderson, and another for Alison Anderson.

Confirming Acceptances

Studioware also helps you manage your waiver acceptances.  To see the list of acceptances, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on Waivers
  3. Click on Acceptance to switch the view from the waiver list to the acceptance list:
  4. By default, waivers that have been accepted in the current month are displayed.  You can easily switch the date range be specifying a start and stop date, and clicking on Search
  5. You also have the option of searching for acceptances for specify students by selecting Search for Accepted Waivers by last name, entering in a last name, and clicking on search
  6. The search results will display the list of waivers that have been accepted, the acceptance date/time, the name of the student, and the name of the person accepting the waiver.  Click on the student name to open the student record.  Click on the accept by name, to search for the person accepting the waiver
  7. To see the list of all students that have not accepted a waiver, click on the "Overdue Waiver Report"
  8. To send an email reminder to all students needing to accept the waiver, click on the "Email Reminders" button

Viewing Student Waivers

When a waiver is accepted, a copy of the waiver is added to the student notes.  To see the waiver, open a student record, click on Notes, and the waiver will be in the list. Click on the Print button to print a waiver:

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