What are "Tags"?

Studioware allows you to create "tags" and apply them to students and staff.

A tag is simply a way to classify (or categorize) students and staff that have common attributes.

Here's a example to illustrate tags.  Suppose you have a sub-set of students that are considered "Advanced" students. Use the Administration features to create a new "Advanced" tag, and assign it to the population students.  Now you can easily select all "Advanced" students and enroll them in a class, add a financial transaction to their account, send them a custom letter/email, and more.  You can even customize class tuition based on student tags.
Some tags are automatically added when you add a new student, staff, or contact, and these tags cannot be removed
  • When you create a new student, a "Student" tag is automatically added.
  • When you create a new staff member, a "Staff" tag is automatically added.
  • When you create a new contact, a "Contact" tag is automatically added.
Tags are extremely useful when you need to customize your tuition for certain sub-sets of students.  Studioware allows you to create multiple tuition items for a class, and associate those tuition items with sets of tags.  For example, suppose the standard tuition for a class is $100, however, the tuition is only $80 for students that have the "20% Scholarship Tag".  Studioware will automatically apply the correct tuition for students enrolling in the class based on their tags and the tuition defined in the class.
You can see the tags that are assigned to people, when you view a person (or list of people).  You can also add/remove tags by editing the person and making the necessary adjustments.
For example, if you click on "Students" in the main menu (and you are view the students in Card View), you can easily see the student tags:
You can quickly see the student "Brian Camp" has the Advanced tag, and the student "Alice Cunningham" has the "20% Discount" tag.

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